Thursday, 14 May 2009

Je t'aime Blackpool?

Think sophisticated culture, a tasteful ambiance and a place where class, elegance and poise are all regular phrases used amongst the inhabitants.

This is what Blackpool will have to offer by 2021, according to a new video posted on YouTube as a promotional tool to attract tourists to the area.

The video shows Blackpool's finest landmarks and people speaking with French accents. Well, there's not that much difference between Blackpool tower and the Eiffel tower, lets face it. Throw in a Parisian drag queen and we are good to go.

Blackpool is a feature of the Fylde coast, which plays host to about ten million visitors per year, but the local council wants to increase this figure and is doing so through the 90 second video entitled "Je t'aime", meaning 'I love you'. How many people really love Blackpool, I can't help but wonder.

A place which is great for a dose of tack, sugary snacks, a ride on the waltzer and a cabaret show, but a place where the affluent dine and come for regular holidays? Only time will tell.

Blackpool council has launched the Talbot Gateway Project to drastically improve the areas around the North Pier and Blackpool North station. The project, which is currently in the planning application process is due to start in 2011 and is anticipated to be completed by 2021.

Having been to Blackpool on two occasions, I feel that the classic British holiday destination may be stuck in a bit of a rut. A revamp of the area might do some good and indeed attract more visitors, but the tacky charm of the promenade might be what people are really looking for.

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