Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Fifth Twilight book coming in June

Stephanie Meyer, famed author of the Twilight saga has announced that she has written another book in the series, to be released on June 5.

The book, entitled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, will be available online on Meyer's site for fans to read.

Meyer has said that this story is an extension of the third book, Eclipse and is about the young vampire, Bree who features in the book. The story will be from Bree's point of view.

She said that she had the idea for this story well before those for the four book series.

Anyone who reads the 192 page online book will be asked to donate to the American Red Cross charity.

I'm sure that I speak for all Twilight fans when I say, I can't wait!

Monday, 29 March 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

While the quality news aspect of this story is quite clearly absent, the coverage of Peaches Geldof allegedly taking drugs and having a one night stand with a US student known only as Ben certainly became the talk of the town.

The Sunday papers were plastered with images of Bob Geldof's daughter, Peaches lying half-naked in bed with this Ben.

The It Girl is said to have experimented with heroin and to have had sex with the student.

Miss Geldof's spokesperson denied claims of drug abuse.

Lingerie brand, Miss Ultimo, a range aimed at 18-25 year old's today dropped Peaches from their campaign, saying that she wasn't the role model the brand looked for.

L is for Lust

Just look at these BEAUTIES.

These Givenchy studded shoe boots are fabulous.

Better start saving, might be able to afford them in 3 years time.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

My new best friend

I am loving Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil.

Brows have become quite the obsession of late. And since buying this lovely product, I compulsively use it every day. Minimal make-up and wowser brows, yes please.

Instant Brow, which comes in two shades to suit everyone, is great for defining brows. It has a gel-like tip, which sculpts your brows into place while defining them in a natural-looking 'no-one-will-know-it's-not-real' way.

Ladies, get yours today. Brows are so now and lets face it, with brows that look as good as they do when using this Benefit beauty, who needs to spend that extra ten minutes a day painting on the rest of the face?


The talk of the town

The mega-collaboration between Beyonce and Lady Gaga was sure to be a hit. But now with the video to Telephone, a follow-up to the pairs' duet to Videophone, hitting screens everywhere, the latest track is the talk of the town.

The video by Jonas Akerlund, which lasts nearly ten minutes, stars B and Gaga and the show is a stomping success filled with attitude, quirky features and some rather strange lines. True to Gaga's wacky side, the video sees her being released from prison followed by some eclectic antics, Beyonce acting as sidekick.

The duo wear fantastic outfits, all specially designed by Gaga's design room, House of Gaga. Some of the star conteners include, sunglasses made from smoking cigarettes, dresses adorned with the US flag and a bad girl leather jacket, which Gaga wears covetting her bad girl image whilst still behind bars.

A specially made wig, worn by Gaga and shaped like a telephone (how apt) opitomises her style.

Gaga's little sister even makes an appearance in the vid. It is said that she is trying to launch her own solo career. Can tinseltown handle two Gagas?

Keep it locked.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cat for Links London

Cat Deeley has been announced as the first ever ambassador for jewellery range Links of London.

Deeley who has just finished presenting the talent show So you think you can dance? was named the face of the brand today.

She will be the face of the AW10/11 collections.

Creative Director, Elizabeth Galton said that new rose gold items will feature in the new ranges.

I Look forward to seeing the rose gold, yummy!

Work wear Elle style

Go to ElleUK online fashion pages and see what the stylish team of journos wears to work.

It's a long shot from black trousers and a frilly blouse and I love it.

Take a look for yourself, here

[Note to self, find out how to become an ELLE intern]


Keira Knightley is a bit of a stylista.

At the Laurence Olivier Awards earlier this week she was spotted wearing this new season Erdem. The floor length gown looked beautiful on her slender figure. She completed the look with an an trend ballerina bun.

As I said, a bit of a stylista.

See the best dressed gallery from the awards here.

H!ello to Holland

From House of Holland eclectic catwalk shows to the rails of a high street department store.

Young, cool designer Henry Holland has launched a range in collaboration with Debenhams for SS10. H! by Henry Holland, modelled by his pal Pixie Geldof is a lovely little capsule collection of summer playsuits, dresses, blazers, skirts and all the accessories a girl could wish for. All in brightly coloured prints, perfect for Spring and Summer.

Loan day may be a month away but I can still ogle the collection. Here are some of my favourite pieces.

See the full colection here

Friday, 19 March 2010

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Children of Gaza; a shocking look at lives laced with turmoil and terror

A mother asks her young daughter what she wishes for most and she answers "to die", to die? she asks, and her daughter replies solemnly, "Being martyred is better than having to live like this."

In a chilling Channel 4 documentary, Dispatches: Children of Gaza, the stories of youngsters living through the effects of conflict, loss and terror are told.

In December 2008, the Israeli Defence Force unleashed a campaign in Gaza to destroy the ability of Hamas to launch rockets and mortars into Israel.

BAFTA-winning film maker Jezza Neumann brings to the screen the shocking real-life accounts of the children whose lives and attitudes have been shaped by the blockade that the Isrealis have inflicted on Gaza.

The Isreali Defence Force aimed to remove terror groups from Gaza, particularly Hamas and Islamis Jihad, as they believed they posed a threat to Isreal.

The children of Gaza tell of their experiences in graphic detail and exact accounts, describing the killings of their families, the destruction of their homes and the brutality of the attackers. Blood-stained memories are replayed in an emotional representation of the unexplained destruction of a nation.

The conflicts in Gaza have spanned many years, bringing dismay and violence to the 1.5 million populated land-mass, which is only twenty by five miles in size.

While the attacks on the people of Gaza remain relatively unexplained, the affects upon its younger generation is something which needs little explanation.

Neumann shows in his documentary, a young boy promising to seek revenge on his dead fathers behalf. "Killing one Jew will be enough," he says. His uncle, a member of Hamas is to be seen showing his nephew taped footage of suicide bombings and teaching him how to handle a machine gun. The boy, once innocent and unknowing, decides that his fate lies with God. His mother showing gratitude and support for the future martyrdom of her young son. She says that it is an honour to die for Allah.

The troubled nation of Gaza may seek to house peace. The children seeking the answers to their questions of 'Why?'. They ask why the Jews have killed their brothers, their fathers and their mothers, why their homes were bulldozed whilst they were still in them and why the conflicts in their home-nation are even occurring: the answers as unbeknown to them as to their parents and grandparents.

The uniquely intimate look into the lives of these Palestinians is moving and disbelieving. The terror faced by these youngsters who have lost everything is trecherous. But the fear of what this future generation of avengers could do is even more thought-provoking.

While playing with guns and playing games of Muslims versus Jews may seem like a playground passtime, the result of such child's play could be much more sinister.

One young boy says: "The Jews leave our children to grow up fatherless, what do they expect?"

A chilling sentiment of a generation laced in fear, disarray and murder, a generation which could become Gaza's most violent yet. A wish to become a martyr may just be the tip of a society stained with the remnants of their tortured past.

To watch Jezza Neumann's documentary click here

Monday, 15 March 2010

Moss for Sport Relief

Kate Moss is driving the campaign for Sport Relief by wearing a dress made from recycled mosquito nets.

The dress was designed by London-based designer William Tempest in an effort to make people aware of how crucial the cause is.

A £5 donation to Sport Relief will buy one mosquito net, which could save lives.

Moss told Vogue: ""I was shocked to hear that one child dies from malaria every 30 seconds."

Conrad nails a trend

Lauren Conrad is becoming a bit of a trend-setter where nails are concerned. Every week she is sporting another lacquer colour, sending ripples through the Barry M counter as replicas are sought.

This seasons colours are all about pretty pastels, nudes and also a bit of utility chic; beiges and greys anyone?

Beverly Hills Envy

Tuesday night viewing is all about e4's 90210. The modern-day version of the drama about Beverly Hills' rich teens, on at 9pm, is a great way to wind down and indulge in the lifestyles of the upper classes.

Apart from the drama and exciting plot, Naiomi's sis Jen FINALLY got what was coming to her (Go Liam!), the high-end wardrobe of the cast is also rather indulgent.

In a recent episode, a day at the races saw a lovely display of fashion credentials. Queue envy.

Loving the fourties influences and red accessories.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Eclipse... I just CAN'T wait!

The official trailer for The Twilight saga's Eclipse has been released.

Watch it here!

Eclipse will hit cinemas in July 2010.

Dakota outshines Kristen

Dakota Fanning, co-star to Kristen Stewart in the new film The Runaways, beat Stewart to the post in the fashion stakes at the film's premier in LA this week.

Dakota wore a lovely silver embellished prom style dress with fabulously matching heels, a far cry from the young child star who we remember from The Cat in the Hat and Uptown Girls.

Kristen wore an eye-popping hot pink DooRi dress with sky scraper black heels (nude would have been better). Although the unusual colour choice for Hollywood's resident 'grunger', Dakota's on trend silver stunner earned her more fashion kudos.

Kristen and Dakota also star alongside each other in The Twilight Saga. The third film, Eclipse is out on 9th July 2010.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Topshop do make-up

Topshop have announced that they will be launching a make-up range to be sold on the high street.

The brand will expand their already large sales to the cosmetic industry in May 2010.

The details of the range is being kept firmly under wraps.

But viewers got a sneak peak of some of the products at London Fashion Week's Unique show.

Watch this space.