Thursday, 25 March 2010

The talk of the town

The mega-collaboration between Beyonce and Lady Gaga was sure to be a hit. But now with the video to Telephone, a follow-up to the pairs' duet to Videophone, hitting screens everywhere, the latest track is the talk of the town.

The video by Jonas Akerlund, which lasts nearly ten minutes, stars B and Gaga and the show is a stomping success filled with attitude, quirky features and some rather strange lines. True to Gaga's wacky side, the video sees her being released from prison followed by some eclectic antics, Beyonce acting as sidekick.

The duo wear fantastic outfits, all specially designed by Gaga's design room, House of Gaga. Some of the star conteners include, sunglasses made from smoking cigarettes, dresses adorned with the US flag and a bad girl leather jacket, which Gaga wears covetting her bad girl image whilst still behind bars.

A specially made wig, worn by Gaga and shaped like a telephone (how apt) opitomises her style.

Gaga's little sister even makes an appearance in the vid. It is said that she is trying to launch her own solo career. Can tinseltown handle two Gagas?

Keep it locked.

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