Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dress for the occasion

It's September. Amongst the end of the school holidays, the beginning of Autumn and the drunken haze of Freshers' Week, this means one thing. My 21st birthday.

And in true party style, I am already looking for the dress.

The dress has to be gorge and accompanied by even more gorgeous shoes and what better way to start my search that the wonderment of internet shopping. Okay so I didn't actually shop (still trying to cut back) but I did find some styles that I quite like.

I have to admit that I am rather excited at properly shopping for the b-day outfit and will scoure the rails no end.

Here is the 'narrowed' down list of dresses that I am currently lusting over and if I had my way I would have them all, ahh the quiet delight of wishful thinking.

1. Topshop

2. Miss Selfridge

3. Miss Selfridge

4. Miss Selfridge

5. Warehouse

6. Oasis

7. Oasis

8. Asos

9. Warehouse at Asos

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