Wednesday, 6 April 2011

From Spring fling to Summer love

Spring is finally in the air and it’s that time of the year again when tiny chicks, teetering lambs and all things ‘baby’ in nature turn all of our insides to mush.

Now I may just be referring to the majority of females here, but who can really deny that their spirits aren’t lifted by the onset of light nights, singing birds and the flirtation-inducing feel of the summer sun edging its way closer? Mine, for one, are.

The evolution of the warmer months of the year (my favourite by far) makes everyone feel better and, it has to be said, makes people feel more loving and loveable. The sun has some strange effects on us mere mortals.

Now ‘summer of love’ is more reminiscent of a scene out of Grease than a true representation of how good the coming season makes us feel, but if musical cheese is what it takes to get the point across, then grease lightening is what it shall be.

So summer and love, do they go hand in hand? A general lifting of spirits leads to a more sexy society. I am not just referring to the general lack of clothing here but to something a whole lot more exciting; the hand-held walks on the beach, picnics in the park, BBQ parties until dawn, the ability to leave the house without the safeguard of an umbrella and of course the glorious feeling of actual warmth on your skin that doesn’t come from standing too close to the radiator.

Ok so relationships blossom in these months, holiday romances commence (even if they do fade as quick as your tan) and there is plenty of joyous fun to be had, whether that be with a significant other or a trusty bunch of friends.

Summer is proven to lift your spirits. Endorphins are let loose and the gloomy, bleak days of winter are washed away with an altogether sunnier outlook on life.

Whether you will spend your summer looking for The One or trawling the totty on the beaches of this year’s holiday hotspots or even enjoying the time with an already someone special, the sun is bound to make you gush just as much as the first sign of a blooming daffodil or a lamb cutely following its mother around a freshly mown field.

So far I have seen some pretty sprouting flowers and get excited when it is still light at 6pm, this year I am definitely confirming my love for the summer. Are you?

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