Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Notes on the medical profession.

I am a healthy person. Someone who rarely gets ill. A person who rarely gets injured. So it came as a surprise to find myself in A&E twice in the past four months. That's two times more than in as many years. Why you ask?

The injuries weren't anything major. Small injuries. Only one of which was mine. The other belonged to a friend.

Since then I have come to the conclusion that accident and emergency is not a very nice place. I'm not a person who necessarily hates hospitals. Before I wanted to be a journalist, my dream career was to by an obstetrician: a doctor who looks after babies. Big difference to a writer, I know. But, apart from the obvious reasons why a person might not like the hospital, I have found my own.

The A&E doctors that I have recently experienced leave much to be desired where bedside manner is concerned.
Yes, I am a young woman and a student, but by no means am I an idiot.

Student. Along with many stereotypes to this term, came the one from a lovely nurse who I had the pleasure of meeting on my trip to the hospital. "you've got intelligence, but no common sense" is what she told me. Charmed, I'm sure.
Not the kind of treatment I was personally obliged to experience by any means. A bit of respect please. Surely it comes in the job description. Treat people the way you wish to be treated, as they say.

My second excursion to the emergency department of the NHS facility wasn't much better. Again, young woman, student, must mean that any injury or ailment is due to excessive alcohol consumption. An ideology so immersed in contrived stereotypical views that I would be surprised if it ever changed.

The treatment was standard, medically, probably good practise, but the attitudes of the staff was something else: rude.

I am not tarring all NHS staff with this view. I am faithful that there are some fantastic medical staff out there, ones which have the bedside manner to coincide with their impressive skills in their remedial practises.
The National Health Service is a great facility in Britain. Health care at no extra cost. Something which many countries should aspire to.

Complaints may be made, myself included, but when it comes down to it I approve greatly of the service. Hopefully my approval will span to the conduct of the staff in future.
NHS associates take note.

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