Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Spring/Summer: It's showtime.

As an aspiring writer, it has come to my attention that this whole blogging thing is something that I actually really enjoy doing, something that I am proud of and something that I wish to continue for a while. So far, my posts have been few and far between and the topics have been as varied as a box of Nestle Quality Street. This is going to change. Well the topics may remain spur of the moment rants or subjects of discussion, but I am pledging to make my posts more regular.
Not only does it give me something enjoyable to do, but I feel that it also helps to mould my writing skills into something which is hopefully ever-improving.

A Spring/Summer resolution if you like.

Now that lent is over, chocolate is again my friend (to much enjoyment) so my chocolatey-filled days can have some creative company in the form of Blogspot. This is my pledge and I will do my best to keep it so. My relatively new-found entrance to the blogespere awaits my complete arrival. Say hello, I am in for the long haul.

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