Tuesday, 7 July 2009

True confessions: The high street workout

There's nothing like a bit of retail cheer. I went shopping with my mother's bank card today (she was there too, I'm no criminal) and enjoyed a bit of retail therapy, for the first time in quite a while.

Not only is the joy that is shopping, a joy, but I realised that a good hard day's worth of trawling the rails is just like a workout at the gym (right?) and it is much more enjoyable.

I am not a gym person. In fact, I would probably go as far as to say that I hate the gym. The repetative motions of the fitness equipment and the Clubland archive CDs playing in the background, no thanks. Now, bicep curls with filled shopping bags or speed walks towards the shoe department, that is way more like it.

So, my summer wardrobe is looking much more satisfying and I am ready to show off my new additions with pride. Holiday shopping is the prime thing to be doing right now. The Summer sales are on and if you are brave enough to wait till the last minute to buy your sun-worshipping gear, then now is definitely the time to do it. It is the worst when the dress you love and haven't got round to wearing yet, swiftly appears on the 'half price and under' rail. My advice, hold off till the sales are in swing and then go mad, if that's what your're in to of course. I found one of my star buys, an oversized denim shirt, in H&M men's department sale, Gok would be proud.

My favourite shop of the day: Dorothy Perkins. I rarely go into Dotty P's, but everytime I do I find some really nice things. Hence this is where most money was spent this afternoon.

DP have launched a new range, Dorothy Perkins Collection. It consists of high end fashion pieces, at high street prices. Perfection. The range, including embellished waistcoats (key pice for this season), studded minis and ripped acid-wash denim, is only available in 30 UK stores and online.

One particular piece caught my eye (well I liked them all, but what can you do?). A denim, cut-out body-con dress. At £45 it is high street price, but my recession busted and student loan maxed purse strings couldn't stretch thus far. If anyone is feeling kind, channel the energy here please :)

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