Monday, 6 July 2009

True confessions: my cyber-space accomplice

Having spent the last week interning at a local newspaper, I became again accustomed to the nine to five lifestyle of early mornings and regular sleep patterns. Now that that particular project has come to a close, I am again faced with dilemmas of how to spend my days.

Today, after a substantial break, I brought myself to do some fitness practise on the Nintendo Wii Fit. The last time I did this, it was the Christmas holidays when chocolate, turkey and Xmas pudding were my friends. Everyone gains weight over Christmas, right? Well, according to my new, more technological friend, I am the objection to that rule. I was told by the strict and bossy cyber-space cretin (for anyone who doesn’t have a Wii, it talks to you and tells you what to do. If you’re nice to it, it is nice to you and vice versa. On this occasion I was a part of the vice versa scenario) that I have to work harder and that I have gained weight since my last visit to Wii Plaza. The tone of the cretin was definitely writhed with sarcasm. And that is not me trying to pretend that what I heard was not true. But if I am seeking motivation, a sarcastic pre-programmed “motivator” handing out fitness tips left, right and centre is certainly not my preferred choice.

Saying that, I did partake in a thirty minute round of virtual aerobics, yoga and hula-hooping, which turned out to be more fun than expected. I later took my non-virtual pet out for a long and tiring walk, which I believe adds up to more than enough exercise for one day. It might not be nine to five fitness, but it is enough to fill up the time in my otherwise free days. The wonders of technology, eh?

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