Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A modern icon: Scarlett Johansson

Turn the page and there she is. Lying on a plush bed, velvet pillows strewn strategically to emphasize the curve of her perfect waistline, enticing the reader into the world where she belongs.

She is a vision of beauty. The kind of beauty that takes you by surprise; that holds you in awe. She captures that air of beauty that is true and authentic. She is both beautiful and stylish. She embodies the image of good looks and style, the kind that make you stop, stare, analyse and groan with a mixture of utter jealousy and sheer adoration.

A modern, twenty-something year old and a confident Hollywood glamour-puss, she is a woman who oozes sensuality with every flutter of her designer-clad eye lashes. She has that type of splendour previously reserved for the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Annie Hall and Audrey Hepburn. She is tantalisingly soaked with that vintage, real beauty and panache which easily qualifies her as an icon of desire and lust and style. Scarlett Johansson is a woman bound in the aura of stylish success.

A recent advertising campaign set Scarlett Johansson as a style icon of the noughties. A series of enticing Dolce & Gabbana campaigns swayed any magazine-flicker to stop and stare. Precociously looking up from the page, she spoke to the reader, without uttering a single word and it was clear that she meant business.

Johansson has the style of a vintage Hollywood starlet and of a modern woman who dresses the way she wants to dress, swaying away from the mainstream and carrying her nonchalant ideas with wit, elegance and grace.

The mainstream of the fashion world is trend-forward with seasons changing quicker than you can imagine, but Johansson needs not the seasons or the knowledge of the latest hot trends because her style is classic, well maintained and perfect for her. The red carpet is her forte where she so effortlessly pulls off beautiful gowns that look as if they have been crafted to adorn her hourglass curves.

Johansson is a testament to the 21st century woman. In a time when skinny is in, self esteem is teetering and the waist line, cellulite and knee fat are more scrutinized than any facial feature, Johansson brings comfort to the women who leaf through the many magazines stacked on shelves only to see figures that have been airbrushed, tweaked and preened to snap shot perfection. The woman looking down at the sexy gaze of Scarlett Johansson is met with understanding and reassurance and not with glorious intimidation.

The next time I, and the many ladies who turn the pages of the glossies in their lunch hour, pass over the image of this modern style vixen we will stop, stare, admire and groan with a mixture of jealousy and adoration, but smile because of the breath of realism she brings into the fashion world.

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