Thursday, 11 June 2009

Reliving the boy band era.

As music goes, I like some of everything.
Last night I went to a boyzone concert. I relived my 1990s days when boy bands with matching cargo pants and pristine dance moves topped the charts. How music has changed since then.

I enjoyed it. The singing was good, the songs were nostalgic and the performances were satisfactory. Amongst the crowd favourites there was a Queen medley, which had the crowd singing along to the cheesy renditions of the rock classics, solo performances and a nerve bending performance of Beyonce's single ladies by Steven Gately. This particular part of the show focused my attention on the dancers rather than Steven himself, who incidentally looked like he might pass out at the pace.

Despite this not so successful cover of a chart-topper, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the individuals of the group can sing. They all have very good voices and I'm sure would deliver successful solos (unlike some bands who rely on the lead to carry them to success). The boys of boyzone have, surprisingly, real talent.

Although the Metro Radio Arena was not sold out, the crowd's energy was fully intact. One lucky member of the audience even got the chance to meet and greet the boys on stage. The five boys delivered an enjoyable performance complete with stunts and a visually pleasing stage set, even if the cheese factor was a bit high at some points.

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