Monday, 5 July 2010

The big red four letter word

Everywhere you turn there is a sale. Sale. Sale. Sale. Sale. I'm not talking DFS either, more like every single shop that I love (and that's a lot) is adorned with special offers, reductions and utterly tempting bargains.

Ok, I don't need anything, but just seeing that big red four letter word is enough to send any shopanista fleeing to the rails. However, my new mantra being "I don't need that (even if I really want it), there is nothing more to do than to walk away and breathe. Of course, I am allowed to have a quick peek to feed my temptation, but this kind of looking involves my eyes and not my debit card.

So in the spirit of sale, I have found some tips on how to effectively manouver around the sales, making sure you get things worth having and not last season's cast offs. However, if you are off on your hols, get your bikinis now - cheap as chips.

1. Stock up on basics; jerseys, vests, underwear, jeans.
2. Make a list of things you need (possibly one item of what you want) before you leave the house and make sure you stick to it.
3. Shop online to stop being caught up in the crazed sale shopping crowds.
4. Buy it because you love it not because of the price or label.
5. Buy things that actually fit. It may be the bargain of the century but if it looks like its about to rip at the seams, leave it.
6. Ask yourself, 'when will I wear it?' Something that will sit in your wardrobe for months because you haven't gone to that special event yet is a waste.
7. Finally, if you're really prepared and style-savvy, take a look at next season's trends and pick items that will reflect this. Super style on a shoe string budget, now that's a real bargain.

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