Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Make do and mend

Back in the times of World War Two, as well as enlisting onto the Home Front, women were encouraged to cut costs and by the same nature, cut their clothes (into new ones, not for sabotage).

As my very own cost cutting equation continues and I am still a T-total shopper, I have returned to a little hobby that I literally left at the back of my closet; my sewing kit.

If I can't buy new things, I can make them, or at least alter things that I don't really wear anymore to make them even more fabulous. My latest additions to my shopping sober sabotage have been a lace vest, which is now a lovely waistcoat, a dowdy black blazer which due to some new buttons has a new lease of life, a once-fancy-dress granny skirt that is now a bodycon mini patiently waiting for a trip out and a lonely breton striped top which, now a crop, will look great over a black body dress.

The haberdashery is a haven when venturing into the make shift wardrobe. Amongst other gems to be found in the stichers' emporium, buttons are a staple. Buttons can literally change a look. When I am feeling a little less adventurous, a swift button change always does the trick.

Also, I like to think outside the box. You can use broken jewellery, charms, ribbons, bows, etc etc to great effect. Why not lend a hand to revamping jewellery too? Swap charms and chains, you could be suprised how much effect a small change can have.

When in need of a fashion fix; make do and mend.

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