Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Levi that nearly got away

The denim jacket will always be in fashion. Of course, there are seasons past and seasons to come where this staple won't be unearthed from the wardrobe, but safely waiting for its fashionable next appearance.

So to describe my relief (with some thanks to my dad) when I found my lovely Levi's denim jacket all ready for SS10. Just a few years ago, probably the last time I discovered that I owned the said jacket as a result of a clear-out, I placed it neatly onto the charity bag pile.

Thankfully my for once fashion forward father showed something a little less of disgrace at my fleeting moment of style insanity and told me to keep it. And thank the stars that he did. I am getting lots and lots of wear out of it these days, not bad for something I snapped up at TKMaxx for around 20 quid years ago.

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