Thursday, 1 July 2010

A game of many rules

What is it with all of these power-playing games? When you have finally grasped the concept of self-empowering and seasoning the belief that men aren’t worth it, something comes up to literally shatter your progress and take you right back to the metaphorical square one.

The Dating Game has too many imaginary rules, to which new ones are added by various different females on a regular basis. You can’t call him until three days post-date (aka The Three Day Rule), you must stand your ground and not make yourself seem too available, you shouldn’t have to make the first move and you must painstakingly accept that when communication goes dead, so does the opportunity. The list can go on and even until there are no rules left to conjure up, I would bet that the last rule would be just as un-helpful as the first.

And when acceptance is in place and The Dating Game is non-exclusively reopened again giving the elusive power to you once again, vulnerability is just waiting to rear its eager little head. So what do we do? Live with it, often waiting for that call or text listening to deep and meaningful lyrics, or completely dismiss it, and said male along the way, making way for all the other currently unknowing opportunities out there.

The Game continues and as much as we hate to admit it, square one is more frequented than the fantasy finish line (what lies there I am completely unsure of) and the best we can do is to roll the dice and hope that our lucky number is up next, falsely promising ourselves that this time all the rules are out the window. Yeah right.

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