Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cover it up, AW style

When you think of a poncho, you think of something along the lines of a mariachi band, don't you?

Well not any more.

AW10 brings the southern American trend up to the high fashion stakes in an earthy wave of camel hues and thick knit wools that scream comfy days in front of the TV, hot choc in hand.

A recent investment into the AW trend came from the continent, H&M, Belgium to be precise. My new camel, thick knit poncho ticks all the boxes and is the perfect winter warmer.

The bargain H&M version is available in UK stores too, so get yours now.

And if you fancy something else, here's a round up of some other styles available on the high street, no sombreros in sight. Ariba.

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