Monday, 2 August 2010

Meet girl’s new best friend

Men move over, Man's Best Friend has a new home: mine. By no means am I one of these fabled 'cat-women' who live with cats and wear bobbly sweaters and moth eaten socks (I don't even like cats!), but I do have a bit of a soft spot for my pooch.

Since my mother, father and sister have abandoned me and jetted of to fairer sands in Mexico, I am left home alone, bar one member of the family, Tilly, the Springer Spaniel, who is here to keep me company for the next couple of weeks and make sure I get some exercise. Dog walking is apparantly really good for you, you know.

So in true Bridgit Jones style minus the big knickers and plus the "all by myself" epiphany, Girl's New Best Friend is my remedy. If I start having conversations with the dog I will seek help, but for now, Tilly and I are all family has on offer.

The cuteness factor helps too.

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