Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ahhh the quiet reassurance of the paparazzi

We all do it and now it is the time to admit it. That moment when you flick through the pages of your weekly glossies and see uber-chic, super preened celebs looking, well, not so 'celebrity' is like a dose of self esteem tonic. Those unfortunate pap shots are ever so satisfying and confirm what we have speculated all along; celebs are just like us (minus the bumber bank balances of course, double minus for all you other students out there).

Admittedly, I do feel some remorse for the pap victims because the 'circles of shame' as seen on this website's gallery show malfuctions that all us girls have been guilty of once upon a time. Have a flick through and see how many you tally up and even if you don't want to admit it quite yet, just enjoy basking in the reassurance that so-called flaws are normal after all.

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