Thursday, 10 June 2010

Oh Alejandro

She's done it again. Twitter and Facebook went mad for it and mixed opinions came all around but Lady Gaga has got us all talking. Her latest vid for 'Alejandro' could easily challenge Christina Aguilera's 'Not myself tonight' (which by the way is alleged to be a sattire of Gaga anyway). The eight minute long video is if nothing else, strange. But it is strangely engrossing and the extravogance of it is just one talking point.

The alien like mechanisms, the fashions, the bra that could challenge Madonna's John Paul Gaultier one (I said could), the wigs and the sex. That's not to mention the stilletto-wearing men in trunks, eyebrow-less Gaga and the bondage. I do love the black waistcoat and trousers combo, very early Friends in the 90s.

I do wonder where Gaga can go next though. It's not like she can turn her back on weird and wonderful and do a run of the mill mariah-esque vid. The Gaga social networking will continue but I will let you decide for yourself; is it a step to far or are these Gaga-isms the future of music?

It should come with an explicit material warning though, that must be said.

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