Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sex and the Abu Dhabi

Sex and the City 2; Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, you did me proud.

Having read Polly Hudson's review of the second SATC film, I was a little apprehensive about my reaction to the sequel, but just like a Carrie cosmo, it went down a treat.

The clothes, the luxury, the sex, the celebrity appearances (I never thought I'd see Liza Minelli singing single ladies) and the funny one-liners all showed that there is some sex left in the city, even after over ten years on our screens. Although, the girls spent most of the film in Abu Dhabi, escaping the stress of their lives and rediscovering aspects of themselves along the way, the plot, the morals and the power of love and friendships were all heart-warming and testiment to the true love for SATC.

Some of the film's plot was a bit far fetched and there were parts where disbelief spawned, but that's what it is all about really, isn't it? The foursome escaped their own lives and we escaped with them.

Camp went even more camp as Carrie's and Charlotte's best gay friends tied the knot, Miranda learned the real value of being a mother in the smaller things that she does for Brady, Charlotte also learns a lot more about motherhood and feels like she got more than she bargained for and Carrie and Samantha, well are just good old Carrie and Samantha; sex, sex and more sex, oh and oh so great clothes.

The clothes were fabulous. The fashions were different and more extravagant than the first movie blockbuster, but there was a certain lacking in 'wow' moments. The girls wear a lot of Halston vintage, some old classics like Carrie's vintage Dior tabloid dress and Charlotte's Chanel accessories and the film even features them wearing full black burkhas.

The birth place of the show, New York City didn't really feature much and the escapism to the Middle East came with hilarious consequences (including a camel toe and an arrest for inappropriate sexual behaviour). Liberated and modern women may have toyed with Abu Dhabi but I think I do prefer the thrills and drama of the Empire State. For me, sex can definitely stay in the City.

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