Monday, 28 June 2010

It's a fact of life

Sometimes people slip up. Like a T-total alcoholic who stumbles for a sip of red wine, like a shoe obsessed shopper coveting the new season’s collection and like a woman who thinks she knows better and does what people (including herself) have warned her against for weeks.

It is a loop hole of life that we just have to accept, a fragment of reality that so often gets shoved in one’s face that it just isn’t funny anymore, if it was even humorous in the first place, which in most cases I am guessing it is not.

Eve bit the apple and mankind will forever make mistakes, the kind that are regrettable the very moment the glass touches the lips, the receipt is in the bag or the ‘return’ key on the qwerty is pressed. Yes, shoes can be returned and may provide an exception to the rule, but others just have to be dealt with. I would probably bet that Eve wished the moment that the perfectly crisp skin of the red apple broke and sweet juice ran down her porcelain skin that she could spit the damned piece of fruit out and reattach it to its core as if nothing had ever happened. However that is just a pipe dream and due to it not coming true we must learn to mobilise a little bit of self control; also known as listening to one’s friends/family.

Those of us who have stubborn moments and think we do in fact know better have to just put that aside for one sec and concentrate on what we really need. Do we really need to do this? Do we really need that sip of wine or pair of Kurt Geigers?Do we really need to test ourselves and our emotional stability? The list can go on and the answer remains the same; no. If you have to question it and when the answer is already laced with self doubt before it has even reached your brain, it is probably best to remove yourself from the situation and pretend like nothing ever happened. And if actions preceded thought, it is probably best to just forget that ever happened as well and sincerely promise yourself to do better next time.

This may all sound a bit vague and philosophical but I urge you to have a think, when was the last time you did something which you instantly knew was just plain wrong/stupid/destructive or just a general lapse in judgement? Have a good old think about it and please share any found wisdom with us girls who haven’t quite figured out how to play the T-total game to best effect just yet. Maybe we can settle this loop hole once and for all, or maybe not.

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