Thursday, 17 June 2010

I flagged the dress and I liked it

Katy Perry has gauged a positive reaction. The kooky soon to be other half of Russel Brand has finally won me over with a combination of her music (check out her latest California Gurls featuring Snoop Dogg - wearing a suit emblazoned with a cup cake motif I might add) and her great and again kooky style.

I always liked her style really, the sweet forties influences, the bright lips and eyeliner-lined eyes and quaint, ditsy florals, playsuits and cute vintage touches. Pair that with her ability to turn sweet and innocent into Wonder woman-like vixen at the fall of any red carpet event and you have yourself a lady to really keep a watchful style eye on.

The 'I kissed a girl' singer even made the 2010 World Cup into a fashion statement by donning a figure hugging rubber UK v USA flag dress for her appearance on a TV chat show. The flawless make-up and those killer eyebrows make for style kudos all round. Even reminded me of Geri Halliwell's iconic Union Jack dress back in the day.

Watch Katy's new vid here

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