Friday, 28 May 2010

Back to the Forties

I was looking back at old photos yesterday and my hair has seen its fair share of changes in the last year. From long to mid-length to  pixie crop, to assymetrical, sweeping fringes dyed brown and back to chesnut and now back again to the old faithful bob. Just look at Silver from 90210 and you'll understand my aim.  

For SS10, the Alexander Wang side plait would be just lovely, but a simple ponytail is a struggle for my wee short hair cut. But fear not, I have been experimenting. Today my inspiration came from the forties, a decade which stylistically is perfect. Prim and proper, elegant, preened to perfection and a time when all women screamed 'siren'.  So I opted for victory rolls (My sister said it looked more 80s but it was definitely 40s!). More simple than they look, I just back-combed the front sections of my hair and rolled them back, bobby pins and hairspray completed the look.

A sweep of burgundy lippy and I was ready for the off. Didn't quite find my navy officer to dance the night away with though, better luck next time.

Here is screen icon Rita Hayworth fashioning the look.

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