Thursday, 13 May 2010

Destination Two: Wigan

So what does the great North West have to offer? I have ticked off Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Blackpool and other small towns in the region but Wigan was all new.

A short journey away and the search for one of Wigan's main attractions, Wigan Pier was on the top of the agenda.

The town was pretty eerie, it was really quiet and apart from kids coming out of school and a few more people there wasn't really anyone about. However, a nice mooch around the town centre offered pleasantries that I didn't really expect. I think I expected a run down, industrial style town, but it was nice, clean and quite atmospheric (despite the lack of human life of course).

After being mis-directed by tourism signs to the Pier, we eventually stumbled across what we assumed was the attraction. Again not what I expected. I wouldn't even call it a pier really. More like a river embankment, but lets not split hairs.

A soft drink next to the river / canal later, the sights of Wigan had for that day been exhausted and dinner time at home called.

A short-lived expedition admittedly, but a one that checked another North Western town off my list. It's always nice to see somewhere new after all.

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