Friday, 21 May 2010

A Gaga gallery

My self professed love of Lady Gaga got me thinking. After strorming onto the music scene with 'Just Dance' two years ago she has made quite the impact. I am not just talking about an impact on the music industry (you've got to love the bring back of groove disco pop), but I am more focused on her unmissable wardrobe choices.

Designers such as the late Alexander McQueen and Armani have jumped at the chance to dress the eclectic New Yorker and it seems that she is never shy to rise up to the couture challenge.

Memorable looks include gimp-style masks, lace masks dripping with fake blood, foot high hair pieces shaped like lightning, taped nipples under a sheer top and of course she is never one to shy away from a leotard. At the 2009 VMAs Gaga showcased three eccentric outfits including the aforementioned blood ensemble and what seemed to be a white birds nest surrounding her face.

Most recently, Gaga has turned to recyclable fashion, using coca cola cans as hair rollers and sunglasses made from smoking cigarettess. Each to theirs own.

Singer song-writer Gaga (real name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has been playing the piano since age four and began writing in her teens. The 24 year old is today one of the music industry's most treasure stars, thrashing both US and UK charts.

Her album 'The Fame Monster' is a permanent resident on my iTunes.

To date she has already won two Grammy awards and more than a handful of other accolades.

Gaga's journey to fame has excelled at a glorious pace and she is still going strong. Her music is a breath of fresh air and her talent is undeniable but equally as impressive are her wild but wonderful outifts. Here are some of her creations (complete with a substantial collenction of wigs), take a look and judge them for yourself.



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