Monday, 24 May 2010

What to wear?

It's the old smart but casual dilemma. Don't you hate it when you ask for a dress code, the answer being 'smart but casual'. What does that mean?

So tomorrow I have a job interview (woop!) at a bar. That's the dilemma inducing part, it is for a bar job.

Obviously, when attending an interview of any sorts you want to dress smart but one doesn't want to over do it.

I'm thinking black skinnies. That's as far as I have got so far.

While I ponder and clamber through the piles of clothes that are now scattered across my bedroon post-outfit search. Here is an image from Google, the result of a smart but casual search. This time Google didn't really assist.

For more pondering, take a look at Hilary Alexander's take on the smart but casual phenomenon. Click here.

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