Thursday, 13 May 2010

Destination Three: Orange Wednesdays are a must

Give me a cheesy rom com chick flick any day and I’ll be a happy bunny. But there are a few conditions; the acting has to be good, the script also, there must be a happily ever after and a tear shed somewhere is always a plus. But Miley Cyrus in The Last Song may have skipped a few of these steps.

The Last Song sees stroppy, but talented teenager Ronnie (Cyrus) going to stay with her father in Georgia for the summer where she meets Will, the wealthy, volley ball playing beach hunk. Predictability takes over and the plot unfolds into summer love affair in no time. Ronnie lets go and finds her true self, reigniting her relationship with both her family and Will.

Granted, there was a happily ever after and it is a definite tear-jerker, but Miley may consider sticking to singing rather than acting. The first twenty minutes of the typical teen rom com were awkward to watch and once settled into the plot, the acting doesn’t really get much better. More so you get used to the awkwardness rather than actual improvements by the cast. The script didn’t help either. Woodenly acted one-liners and cheesy declarations of love combined with cheesy backing music make for one and a half hours of cringe.

The Hannah Montana star did shine musically by playing the piano and singing for the movie’s soundtrack. No doubt about it, the girl has talent, but the role in this particular film shed a more amateur light onto her. She seemed to lack the art of different expressions for different emotions, making her look uncomfortable in her own character’s skin for the cathartic parts of the film.

Despite the poor script and weak and unconvincing acting for parts of the film, the plot (although utterly predictable) does put a smile on your face. The easy to watch nature of the film makes for a nice getaway with the girls and allows you to go all gushy inside.

A cheesy rom com chick flick is exactly what The Last Song is. The recipe for chick flick success is not matched due to the lack of acting skills and a poorly devised script, but for a tear and the odd laugh it ticks all the right boxes.


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