Thursday, 13 May 2010

Destination One: The Lake District

When I woke up and looked outside, the Great British summer was smiling right back at me. Yes, it was raining. Typical.

But have no fear, we had a plan and we would stick to it. First stop on our week of adventures was Windermere in the Lake District.

So dressed for the weather we headed out. When I say dressed for the weather, my wardrobe doesn't really accommodate for hiking conditions, so I donned levis, a hoodie and a leather jacket; warm and moderately sensible. I give myself credit for my comfy and practical black boots though.

But when we arrived at our Cumbrian destination, coincidentally the wettest place in Britain, it was dry and pleasant. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it was summery, but it was nice enough.

A walk around the lovely countryside town of Windermere and an adventure around the lake where the wildlife is so tame that it literally sits on the pavement and lunch in a small and quaint cafe right next to the lake- lovely.

We must have walked around four miles taking in the sites and sampling local delicacies including afternoon tea with scones, nougat and hand-made flavoured marzipan.

We even had a look around the Beatrix Potter museum, where childhood memories were relived and the story of Peter Rabbit was happily reminisced upon.

The Lake District is lovely. Nice for a walk, lunch and a general mooch. Be prepapred for a bit of a walk though. British holiday destinations aren't complete without the hike from one sight to another and this one is no exception.

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