Thursday, 20 May 2010

Music's gone Gaga

My love for Lady Gaga can only expand. You either love to hate her or hate to love her. As cliche as it is, I love to love her.

She is different, very talented, doesn't take any crap from anybody and of course she is totally nuts.

She snapped up more than a handful of awards at the World Music Awards this week and rightly so.

World Music Awards 2010 winners:

World's Best Single: Lady GaGa - Poker Face

World's Best Album: Lady GaGa - The Fame

World's Best Pop/Rock Artist: Lady GaGa

World's Best New Artist: Lady GaGa

Best-selling US Artist: Lady GaGa

Impressed? I am.
Okay so she didn't make it to Monaco to pick up her five gongs, but still. I'm sure if she was there, she wouldn't have gone un-noticed.

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